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Hello - I received two of these in the mail today and am looking for anyone else that may use them. I have a few questions for those that do.

After installation, I noticed three things.

1) The magazine base hits the heel of the gun (see photos) and has to be ever so slightly pushed forward to make it go into the magwell so it can lock in. Once locked in place the back of the baseplate rides against the (front of the) heel of the gun which seems like it will break it over time.

2) With the baseplates installed magazines will not lock into the gun with the slide forward unless great force is used.

3) Perhaps related to 1 above, the magazines do not drop free from the gun and have to be manually pulled out.

Please let me know if you have similar feedback or if there is something I am missing — or if this is all completely normal.

As of right now, I feel like they will damage the gun. I've sent the mfr an email stating the above and will wait to see what they say.

Not inserted all the way because it hits the heel

After insertion
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