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My first post here and I hope I got everything correct. I followed the picture hosting threads and I think I got that right. For some reason the pictures don't show directly like on some forums but the links work. I tried a couple of different suggestions on hosting pictures but this is what worked for me.
A friend of mine brought this over for me to look at and asked me if I knew anything about it. His father in law brought if back from Germany at the end of WWII.
I don't know anything about Walther PP pistols other than I owned a newer version for a while and I know how to disassemble and reassemble them. We did that and cleaned it up. I took pictures of every marking I could find on the pistol, magazine and the holster.
I'm not the greatest photographer but the pictures should give a good indication of the condition. There is quite a bit of blue wear on the frame and slide and some pitting on the slide. Finished challenged on the outside but the inside looks really nice and the bore is shiny with sharps lands and grooves.
From research on here, it looks to be made in 1937 and the holster is not correct for the pistol. It might be for a PPK or Hsc and I'm hoping to get some input as to what the holster is made to fit. It is marked in only one place: on the front under the flap it is stamped EG Luener Bautzen 1938.
I have researched values of the pistol on GunBroker and have a semi good idea of what the pistol is worth but I can't figure out the value of the holster. The owner is thinking of selling it and I'm trying to get a good idea on value of the unit as a whole or if he would be better off selling the pistol separately from the holster. I would tend to think it would be better to sell as a set because that's the way it came back as a war souvenir.
I am not interested in purchasing it as I'm not into PP or PPK's and prefer to invest my money in Smith revolvers and Colt SAA's. I'm just looking to get a good idea of what it's worth if he goes to sell it.
Pictures of all the markings:

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