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WWII PP and PPK info

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I have had this PPK for a while, and from what i gathered it should be from 1941 and seems to be in pretty good condition blueing is pretty in tact and shiny aside from a few spots..

Curious of the possible value and if anything stands out. There are no other stamps beside the normal Eagle/N that i could find.

Just picked up this PP the other day (still need to take more photos aside from when i picked it up lol) also seems to be in pretty good condition as well and i think dates to 1944 from the info i could gather. Was an impulse buy and because i wanted a WWII PP to match my PPK haha.

Also curious of the Value and intrigued if i got a good deal on it or not. This one has all the eagle/n proofs and the WaA 359 stamps on the frame and slide.

Have zero intention on selling either, just curious as to where i stand with my small collection is all and see what if any additional info i can gather as well.


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