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Alright guys, gonna try this again. I have a Walther P99QA, in 9mm, that I would like to trade or sell. Was bought in Jan. this year from a member of AR15.com, he was the original owner and had put 500 rounds down the tube. Since I have owned it I put 500 rounds through it, no +P stuff though. Pistol is in excellent condition. Only issue is the red paint on the back of the striker has come off from the solvents I used to clean the pistol. I have the box, test target, manual, 2 hi-cap mags, interchangeable front sights, and interchangeable backstraps. Sorry, but I can?t find my digi-cam, so no pics as of right now, but I will try to chase one down for interested parties. Would prefer to trade, but would also sell for $450. Would be interested in trading for any .45 ACP semi-automatic handgun, single actions preferred. This ad will be posted on many boards, so easiest way to contact me would be via email to jeremytye AT sbcglobal DOT net. Thanks guys.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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