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I am interested in trading my Walther P99 AS 9mm first generation. The date code on this gun is 2000 but it has been hardly fired. It is in perfect cosmetic condition other than some very light wear on the barrel from firing. I have only put 150 rounds through this weapon personally, and I believe that when I purchased it it had not been fired hardly at all.

The gun has its original factory three-dot sights.

I am including the following with the P99:

-Original case with matching serial number, instructions, 3 backstraps (medium is installed on pistol), front sights/alan wrench, magazine tool, trigger lock, and test target from the factory

-Three hi-cap (15 rd) mags and two 10-rd mags

-Uncle Mike's Kydex right-hand holster

I am interested in trading for one of the following (can be used but in good condition):

-HK USPc in 9mm or .40
-Sig P229 in 9mm or .40
-Sig Pro in 9mm or .40
-Sig P250
-Sig P239

Please email me at [email protected] if interested. I have attached pics but have more to send you if you like.


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I am glad :)
Since ever you dropped the price this is been hunting me (though I was looking for a "Carl Walther" marked one).... hopefully this will be a done deal
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