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WTT: P99 AS .40 for PPQ M1 or M2 in .40

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This is a trade feeler.

Is anyone interested in trading a PPQ M1 or M2 in .40 for a P99 AS in .40?
Obviously M1 would be ideal since magazines are interchangeable.

Just bought a PPQ SC and would like to simplify my trigger practice.

Just an idea. If anyone is interested please PM

I'm in South Florida.
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P99AS40Lover I might be interested? Does your P99 have the long mag release or the short one? and what condition is it in and old is it? I have a PPQ M2 in 40 in new condition with a spare mag and stainless guide rod that I might trade if your P99 is the right one. I wait your response and by the way I live central Florida just outside Ocala Fl.
Sent you a PM with pics. Mine is from 2016 with the longer paddle release. Like new. Less than 100 rounds total. Talon Grip installed and Meprolight night sights

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P99AS40Lover looks like the one I want, I'm not to good at sending PMs through this site so call thanks. MIke
I have found a trading partner. Mods can close this.

Mangomike is a good guy, BTW.
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MangoMike and I completed our trade FTF today. Just want to say that MangoMike is a gentleman and a stand up guy. If anyone needs a reference about him, feel free to let me know.
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