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WTT: P99 16rd for P99 15rd - traded pending trade...

Ok, i'll throw this up and see what happens... if no takers, no worries. ;)

What i have:

(1) 16rd 9mm P99 mag. Made by Mecgar. Stamped with Walther banner on body and baseplate. One side has 5/10/15 witness holes, the other side 8/12/16 holes. Outstanding condition. No rust. Looks like new. (In pic, the LEFT mag)

What i will trade for:

(1) 15rd 9mm P99 mag, either Walther Factory or Mecgar with Walther banner stamps in same places. (NO PROMAG mags) Must be in same like-new condition - no rust or dents or scratches. (In pic, the RIGHT mag)

Terms - both parties pay shipping... straight up trade. Can't trade to CA or MA residents; beyond that, make sure 16rds is legal where you live. I'll ship believing it's a legal item for you to own.

Why? Because my other 3 mags are 15rds, and it bugs me that the 4th one doesn't match. Weird, i know. But it does.

Any interest, PM me or reply here. Thanks :)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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