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Here is a Walther PP made between 1941-1945 (during WWII) from what I've been reading on the forums here. This is an unmarked one (aside from the SN, 387XXX P), which was probably one of their last-ditch efforts. This was probably a WWII GI bring back (no import markings) and was chromed a long time (which may have covered up any prior proof markings). It is in .32 acp and the slide and frame do not match (slide SN is 386848 P with an "ac" underneath).
I was going to convert this to a PPKS and thread the barrel, but I cannot bring myself to destroy a piece of history like this.

Cash: $850 OBO
PM me with your email address for pics if you're interested. I would like to keep it FTF in Ohio so you can do an inspection in person, but am willing to ship if you're paying.

I am also interested in FTF trades for other firearms (+cash preferably). I would love a PPK or PPK/S in .32 or .380.
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