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Want to sell or trade a LNIB Walther P22.
<ul>[*]Approx 300 rounds fired[*]All black (frame and slide)[*]3.4 inch bbl
[*]2 mags, box, papers, 3 front sights, 2 backstraps, etc.[*]No finish wear!  Looks like new.[/list]

The P22 is a fun little gun, but not quite what I want.  THe P22 has been very reliable as well; I've shot mostly Mini-mags through it, along with some Aquila Super-Max and a little bit of Federal bulk ammo.  Only failure I had (IIRC) is a misfire or two with the Aquila.   I'll have pictures tomorrow.

Asking $210 plus 15 bucks for shipping.  

Possible trades (w/ cash if needed) for/toward: Ruger 22/45, Saiga .308, P239, CZ PO1, or ??

EMAIL (no PM) me at [email protected]
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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