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Have a mint condition (no visible wear on the outside at all) US TPH in .22lr for sale. I think it sat in a drawer since it was built. Selling it because I have too many pistols under .25 caliber, and this one has just ended up sitting in my safe since I bought it.

Comes with:
Velvety Walther Bag
Original Box
Factory Test Target
Factory Plastic Wrap
And of course the Magazine and Pistol.

Price is $450 FTF in Seattle area, or same price plus actual shipping to you (usually less than 15 bucks)

If you're local and want to do a trade, I would be interested in (with cash coming from you if applicable to make evenish):

P99 (no DAO)

And I'm a Beretta guy, so Berettas are always welcome. As is a Glock 17. Let me know what you got :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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