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Nice clean barrel and fully functional pistol. I would call it Good plus or even close to excellent. Real good lands and grooves. Shoots well and cycles well.

Finish at least 90% (probably a little better than that even).

More than likely a European Police trade in imported by CIA. No unit marking as such.

IIRC the date is 1969. Ulm proofed.

Two mags, one perfect and one hangs a bit but functions most times, both with finger lips.

And a black Leather, with brass fob, holster that has the Spare mag pocket built onto it.

Original import box (not original Walther box but the one CIA sent into USA that matches guns serial number)

I am in SC upstate. Zip Code 29625. Will ship to an FFL that will accept from a private individual. Or will do face to face.

Will take a quick $350 for it and can take USPO Money orders or even perhaps discrete (and I mean real discrete) P.P. (shudder and ironically)

I am new here but you can check out my references on many other gun boards like AR15.com, AKforms, Akfiles, Glock talk, Concealed Carry and of course on eBay (shudder again). I go by cphilip on all those except eBay where I go by cphilip-dot-com

Going to turn this over fairly quick as I need to liquidate something to buy my Son a Patrol shotgun. So speak quickly before I change my mind. I am selling it for what I got in it, not for markets so take advantage of it and get yourself a nice example of a German Walther PP.

Can reach me quickly at: cphilip (at) bellsouth (dot) net or cphilip (at) cphilip (dot) com

Couple of pictures (various lighting and flash)

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