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WTS: Walther PP Super .380 ACP NIB Unfired

There were 1000 of these pistols produced in .380 ACP.
There were even a fewer number of them imported into the United States.
There were even a fewer number of these NOT IMPORT MARKED!!!
Finally, there were even a fewer number of these still in NIB UNFIRED CONDITION!!!

This pistol is brand spanken new. I have disassembled her and oiled her to ensure her wellbeing and long life, I have never chambered a round, nor have I ever loaded the magazine. This is a beautiful firearm in the finest of conditions. I would be happy to take pictures for those interested.

If you are interested, please e-mail me at [email protected], and eliminate the word REMOVE from my contact.

Please see the page below for more information on this RARE pistol.


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