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Hello: fairly new member here but am an old salt at M14Forums.com and AuctionArms.com (user "aquilon116"). I have for sale a Wather PP 32 ACP w/ original box (Walther/ Manurhin) and two mags. It's an Interarms import of a Bavarian police pistol (marked NDS on side of slide). The pistol has all the typical Walther markings on the left side of the slide - there are no "Manurhin" markings on it whatsoever. The box is a Walther/ Manurhin box but I believe it's what the pistol was imported in by Interarms as the original serial # tag on the side of the box doesn't match the Interarms tag - the Interarms tag however does match the pistol serial # though. Please PM me if you'd like to see photos of the pistol - the finish is blued and is absolutley gorgeous. Looks like it's hardly been used. $535 shipped to your FFL.
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