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Dara Slick Side AIWB w/Claw Walther PPS m2 (brand new. never worn; doesn't fit my needs)

$60 shipped

Dara OWB Walther PPS M2 Mag Carrier (used once or twice)

$27 shipped

NeoMag (9mm/medium; no use for it. Took it out of the container to try it, put it back into the box hence the paper scratch)

$40 shipped

Volund Gearworks 1.5" Atlas Cobra Belt (medium; used once or twice, otherwise sat in my closet)

$70 shipped

Recycled Firefighter EDC Belt (never worn; size medium) (not scratches in the picture...just dust. sorry)

$37 shipped

Paypal works for me. PM for other options.
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