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I have come into the possession of a Walther P5C and have decided that I like my full size better. The gun came from a dealer who was liquidating his inventory and suppossedly had never been shot. In all honesty it looks to have no more than a box of ammo through it.

The bluing is just about flawless with no holster wear and the magazine doesn't appear to have been inserted very much as all as there is almost no if any wear at all on it.

The gun only comes with one magazine though.

I will charge shipping = to whatever the actual price will be and the gun will be shipped overnight per FEDEX/UPS regulations. I will follow all laws both federal and state so the gun will have to go to a FFL unless a face to face in TN can be done. I will, obviously, not charge shipping for face to face transactions in TN.

If you have any questions or would like any additional pictures please feel free to contact me.

I have broken the gun down and oiled it up very well so as to preserve everything. This can be seen in the pictures as the slightly wet areas and sheen.

I do not post on this forum but I am a regular on www.thehighroad.org, www.sigforum and I am sure somebody will give me a good reference if necessary. I also go by EYA on www.gunbroker.com and have an A+ rating.

Well without futher adeau here are the pictures. Standby for gun porn.

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