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Hello, as the thread title indicates I have a Dara IWB tuck-able kydex holster for sale that is molded for a 9mm PPS M1 with a Crimson Trace CR-206 Railmaster Green laser attachment. Just so anybody interested is aware, I want to clarify that the holster is molded to fit with the CR-206 attached to the pistol and will not have solid retention without the laser attached. I'm mentioning this just so anybody interested knows before hand so that there are no disappointments. I know that this is a rather specific auction item but I figured somebody on the forum may have an M1 w/ CR-206 and might want to take advantage of this deal (reduced price and no wait time) - I'm only selling it because I found another holster maker for that uses a different mounting system that I prefer vs a single clip mount.

The holster was purchased in February of this year and is a right-handed Dara black kydex IWB tuckable holster that is molded for 9mm M1 PPS w/ CR-206. It features a standard 1.5" fold-over belt clip that can be switched to j-clip, c-clip etc. if the user prefers. The holster is of mid-rise ride height and with features a 15 degree FBI style forward cant.

I am asking for $50 which includes shipping and am willing to accept PayPal or USPS money order as payment.

Thanks for your interest and I hope someone on here is able to make use of this holster.


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