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Hey guys,

Looking to sell my PPQ M2 Holsters...

1) Tommy Theis (IWB) Horsehide Holster
-Right Handed
-Full Slide Coverage
-Powder Coated Metal Clips

2) IMI (OWB) Polymer Retention Holster
-Paddle Attachment
-Low Ride Attachment


Bought the Theis for $75 and the IMI from Zahal for $56. Absolutely nothing wrong with either holster, I just don't have the gun anymore. Theis saw some very light use, still in the break-in process. While the IMI saw no use at all. Willing to part with the Theis for $50 shipped and the IMI for $40 shipped. If you want both the IWB and the OWB holsters I will knock off $10 and give them to you for $80 shipped. If you are interested PM me or just reply with a post. I can send you pictures tonight but I do not have them on my computer here at work. Thanks for shopping.

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