* Still have grips, holsters and a magazine left. *

On offer, my stainless steel Walther/Interarms PPK chambered in .32 Auto and a collection of accessories. I am getting out of the PPK business and this is what I’ve collected. I will be offering my Interarms PPK/S .32 soon.

PISTOL IS SOLD. Manufactured in 1998, this pistol is part of the last run of domestic Walthers made before Interarms’ license with Walther expired. As we know, most PPKs and PPK/Ss made in the US were chambered in .380, a more salable caliber in the US. But for some reason Sam Cummings decided to have a run in .32 before the end. This is one of them. Complete with box, manual, test target, cleaning rod, and two magazines. Asking $950 shipped, $900 local sale. Zelle, Venmo, discrete PayPal f/f, or USPS Money Order.

I have the following related material available. The purchaser of the pistol gets right of first refusal of anything still available at time of sale, and negotiations may ensue. Any items may be purchased seperate from the pistol.

— Three sets of wooden grips $20 each, an extra screw and escutcheons $5, and a Handall grip sleeve $5. Shipping extra

—- Two Mec-Gar PPK magazines $20 each SOLD, a Walther PP Magazine with X-Grip Sleeve $35 , Mec-Gar parts (follower, body, floor plate, finger rest base plate) $5. Shipping extra.

— A collection of left hand and reversible holsters for PPK or PPK/S, some might work for PP. All holsters $15 except Remora $20 and DeSantis, $30. Shipping extra. Package deals can be negotiated
L->R top row then bottom row. 1. Unknown OWB LH, 2. Old World reversible OWB, 3. DeSantis 001-74 OWB, kydex OWB. 5. Barsony, 6. Versacarry reversable IWB, 7. Remora reversible pocket, 8. Kydex mag carrier, 9. Kydex OWB.

Zelle, Venmo, discrete PayPal f/f, or USPS Money Order. First to post ‘I’ll take <item>” on an item gets it.

Thanks for wading through this.

Other photos here. PPK, Interarms 1998