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Desirable Anti-Stress (AS) trigger, compact model. Original owner, like new (not a mark on it), with original box and all accessories/paperwork. S/N FAE xxxx (latest design). Has fired only 250 rounds of 124 gr. Winchester "White Box" FMJ to follow the recommendations of Earl's Repair Service/Ken Lunde for recoil spring break-in period of 300 rounds/124 gr. ammo (save's you about $75 in break-in ammo!). Not a single malfunction of any kind and it shoots as accurate as a laser beam!

Why am I selling? Love my full size P99. So I bought the compact for CC but later decided not to carry this model handgun. While the full size will always have a place in my collection, don't need a compact too. By the way, the AS trigger on this compact with only 250 rounds is already better than my full size which has over 1100 rounds through it; it breaks like glass!!

I have sold handguns online before and will provide references if you'd like. I have a 100% positive eBay rating and will provide you with my username for reference. If you'd like to talk to me to assess my trustworthiness, I will provide a phone number upon request.

$575 shipped to your FFL. Thanks for considering.
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