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I have a used original Walther threaded barrel and Walther laser sight for sale.

Barrel has less than 100 rounds through it and I have a new thread protector on order. Asking $200 including shipping. Compare to Earl's prices of $395.00

Sight is the Walther Logo Laser devices BA-5. It was sold to me as new and has been installed but never zeroed. Asking $200 including shipping. Note that this is not the new, bulky and awkward laser/flashlight combo. Sight does not extend beyond the barrel and comes right up to the trigger guard. It looks awesome on the gun.

Email me for picture requests.

Would you concider a trade for the P99 laser?...I have a Bushnell Holosight with 5 or 6 extra reticles...it has been zeroed in at just ten yards and has never been on anything bigger than a Ruger Mark II .22 cal...the reticles alone are worth $25.00 to 40.00 each...let me know...BTW the holosight is the older larger model with the largest sight area.
I believe it is the 400 model...let me know
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