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WTS Left Hand Vedder IWB holster for 5” PPQ M2 and two 15 rd mags

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1/2 price sale. New /unused Vedder Light Tuck LEFT HAND IWB holster for 5” PPQ and two 15 round magazines. $75


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If the holster sells separately, I will sell the two mags 1/2 price, $42 plus $5 for shipping. Total $47.

Will sell the holster only for $30 plus $5 for shipping. Total $35.

Hoping a fellow left hander will see value in the holster plus two mags for $75 shipped.
ill take the mags for $47 shipped if you want to sell them without the holster
Thank you for your order. Mags sold pending funds to Adammichael. Please pm me.
Price drop on the holster. $25 shipped.
Would that holster work with an M1?
It is only listed as M2 5” PPQ on the Vedder web site. I would think the M1 mag release paddles would conflict with the holster molded for a M2 trigger guard. Perhaps the holster could be trimmed to make it work but I would not recommend it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts