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I have a P99 9mm Interarms import gun for sale. I rate it at 90% fairly but it is probably more like 95% condition. It was carried alot and not shot much, looks like 200-300 rounds fired.

From carrying, the extractor finish is almost gone. There is also a couple blemishes in the finish which the pictures will show. One blemish is on the slide near the ejection port on the left side, finish is peeling but no rust. The same is at the left side of the slide just in front of the walther logo near the tip of the barrel. These pics can be seen in the next post.

If you desired to refinish the slide or barrel later down the road, Interarms P99's are especially great because the serial number is stamped into the slide and barrel so they won't be lost during a refinish.

Everything else is very clean almost like new. Barrel looks new. I do not have the original box or accessories but the gun will come in a foam padded gun case and 1 10rnd mag. Pics below.

$475 shipped to your FFL. If you need an FFL to FFL because your dealer won't accept from a private seller, add $20.

Please contact [email protected]



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Hmmmmmmm..................still available??
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