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Hey guys I've got a tucker answer that I've worn a few days but it just isn't taking the place of my favorite leather holster. Tucker's work is top notch and the quality is great, it just doesn't fit me quite the way I had hoped. It is molded for 2004 and later P99s and P99c's in 9mm or .40. It also comes with the IWB single mag holder. Of course you can see that it has had a gun in it but its in really great shape and isn't worn from being used. It has the velcro clips but if you want you can order different types from tucker.

This combo will cost you $165 + shipping at tucker's with a 16-18 week wait. I'd like $155 shipped to you immediately.

Here were the pictures of it fresh out of the package. I'd post newer but my camera is on the fritz. It really doesn't look carried or worn, it just shows that it has had a gun in it.
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