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WTS Custom Stag Grips for Walther TPH, Sacramento CA

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I recently acquired a TPH which I have been looking for in California. With the purchase came custom hand made Stag Grips. These are not my style as I would like to keep the pistol stock. Looking to Sell. They do not have grip screws but are extremely well made.

Asking $100 FTF or $108 shipped via USPS Small Flat Rate Box. Payment via PayPal

3/12/19 Update - Added Pics of the Stag Grips on the TPH. The Grip Screws were not correct and would not hold the grips tightly against the frame, looks like they need a flat surface grip screw. Otherwise they fit really nicely with a little pressure where the grip screw is.

Thank you,



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The forum says that you do not allow private messages to be sent to you
I’m sorry, I had selected the wrong checkbox. I corrected it.
Additional Pictures of the Stag Grips added per request.
The original screws have washers.
Bump - Price drop on TPH Stag Grips and will Ship with PayPal payment
1 - 6 of 6 Posts