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TDR 911 custom made Kydex holster for all models Walther PPQ/P99. Made of .093" thick Kydex. There are 3 different thickness of Kydex available, .093", .080", .063". The main colors in stock are Digital Desert, Digital Green, OD Green, Black. Lots of other optional colors are also available. The belt loops are made of .125" thick Kydex and come in different widths and colors as well.
This is a new style holster for me as I have made the belt loops removable and the are adjustable in heigth and cant. The belt loops generaly last 2 years with everyday wear and the holster I wear is still kicking 6 years later. Looks awfull rough as I totaly abuse it as a testiment of how long it will last.
Metal loops are also available, but I suggest the Kydex ones.
Both inside the pants and belt versions are available and the paddle attachment is coming soon.

I also make custom one off holsters for lights attached, Including the one for my Generation 1 adapter with various. $75.00

I have been in the holster business for over 6 years.

If you do not see what you want call us as we can make it!!

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