I have approx 360 .45ACP once fired by me casings, mostly Win Rem, & Federal, but some others as well. Indoor range so clean.

Also approx 775 9mm once fired by me, mostly Win, norma, S&B. ALL BOXER PRIMED.

Some of these were fired from my P.38s!

Counts are from weighing 25 of each size and doing the math: 25 9mm weigh 3.7oz and I have 7lb 3oz, while 25 45ACP weigh 5.2oz and I have 4lb 12oz.

45ACP 365 for $12.00
9mm 775 for 26.00

Shipping is $17 for either (med flat rate box) If you want both, they will fit in a a large which will cost less, about $26.These can ship anywhere in the US including AK, HI, territories.

First I'll take it will get their choice of about 15 10mm brass or about 30 380 brass and 2nd one gets the other included with the larger amounts. A friend was shooting 10mm with me once and another shot some 380 with me, hence these other calibers. IF THEY FIT, I'll add 20-30 or so 5.56mm / 223 cases as well.

First I'll take it gets them. Payment ck, mo, zelle (if you are comfortable with it), just no nigerian bank transfers - or SVB deposits either!!

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