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WTS: 3x PPQ M1 + 17 mags + 6 holsters (Seattle)

I would like to sell my (three) PPQ "M1"s (original paddle release PPQ, prior to the "M1" designation) and all their accessories as a package.

For sale in the greater Seattle area please. Transaction would be at a local gun store and all proper paperwork performed for WA state.

They all in excellent shape. Low round count (low thousands I would estimate), they have lived most of their life in my safe.

One has been permanently modified as a "PPQc", you can see my earlier thread about the modification.

7 of the magazines are OEM, ten are the Desert Eagles which I carefully cleaned at purchase time to ensure no label adhesive remained and all drop free cleanly and are in excellent shape.

A variety of nice holsters, all PPQ specific.

Pictures are attached.

I'd like $1450 for everything. Basically you get the PPQc for free!

Inquire within!




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