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I just picked up a new PPQ M2 Tactical 22lr with the .6 inch extended barrel and threads for a suppressor.
(as seen in the above, upper left picture in the header of this forum).
I want to convert this back to a regular PPQ M2 (4inch), using the stock PPQ M2 barrel thread protector nut.
If anybody out there has removed their stock M2 barrel nut and has opted for the the extension (for suppressor), I'd gladly buy that M2 stock nut form you if it's just sitting in your Walther box lonely.
Lemme know,
PS, Since Walther does make the Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 22lr... the same stock barrel nut works for both pistols.
So if you have that gun and bought a suppressor extension... that would work also!
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