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I am looking to purchase a Walther branded PPQ/P99 threaded barrel kit in 9mm. Thanks for looking!
I bought a threaded (1/2 x 28) Walther P99 barrel a couple weeks ago from Earl's Repair Service (Walther P99 Accessories). The P99 barrel listed is priced at $395, which has, I believe, the standard European thread pattern for 9 MM (M13.5-1LH). Drop-in threaded Walther barrels are also available with the 1/2 x 28 thread pattern standard for 9 MM barrels in the US. For some reason, these cost only $295. They are both genuine Walther barrels. Both are supplied with thread protectors. There's nothing more to the kit. I ordered mine on a Monday, it arrived on a Tuesday. Two days later, my suppressed (XCaliber Seafire Diamond 45) P99, with stock recoil spring, functioned flawlessly at the range with 115-, 124-, and 147-gr bullets.

Ask Earl about the optional recoil spring available for use with suppressors. I had no problems with the stock spring, but the alternative spring is made available for a reason. So far, so good, but there may come a time when I have reason to change out the spring. As for PPQ compatibility with this barrel, I've only owned P99s and do not know whether the barrels are entirely interchangeable.

Hope this helps.
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