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Before I go the Gun Broker or Auction Arms route, I thought that I'd check here to see if anyone would like to part with a PP, PPK or PPK/S.

I'm looking for a post war Walther PP, PPK, or PPK/s manufactured by Walther or by Interarms. I would prefer a FTF deal but an out of state sale is not a deal breaker. I am not interested in any pistols made by Smith & Wesson. If you have an Interarms pistol, either blue or stainless is fine. If you have an Interarms .32acp PPK, you move to the front of the line as that's the one that is first on my list.

My email address is in my profile so please let me know what you have to sell. I am a cash buyer and I will not waste your time with trade offers.

Thank you for looking.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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