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WTB - Factory rear P99 sights

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WTB - Factory rear P99 sight

WTB - I want to have an extra factory rear P99 sight. If someone replaced theirs with night sights - and you are willing to sell your old rear sight, please send me a PM here on the forum.

I'd also like an extra #4 front polymer sight as well.
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Ship, do you still need these?

99% sure I still have my rear (I have TFX Pros and Trijicon main/backup)

If so, I'll check my front to see if it's a 4, but you can for sure have the stock sight (minus the window screw).
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Yes, I am still looking. I will PM you. Thanks
On one hand, I have replaced all of my P99 factory sights with tritium ones, so I have no use for them. On the other hand, what if I ever wanna sell them. On the other other hand, yeah right, like I'm gonna sell them... On yet another hand, by the time the presence or lack of factory sights etc. would make an appreciable difference in resale value ("OMG, full package! test target, lock, manual, box, gun, all there! Valued a $1,000 more than just the gun!") I'll be long dead.
This transaction is pending.

Sights minus screws will be in the mail Monday.

Glad I can help you out, Ship!

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Thanks a bunch.

I personally shoot better with the factory sights. I changed an old P99 (years ago) to Mepros, and I did not shoot it as well.

I used to have a few extra sets years ago. I want to have at least 1 or 2 extra ones, because they can get beat up easily (being plastic)
Sites have been received.

Mods can close/lock this post.

Thanks for being awesome, Ship! Glad I could help you out!

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