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i've just assembled a new site...
well, i'll introduce myself, first. i'm a year-old lurker at these boards, i have two p99s and used to have a ppk/s (no other firearms, i love my walthers).

however, i realize how little i know about ... everything, despite the eternity i've spent scouring the internet for relevent data.

i know there are many out there like myself - and many more out there like some of you guys, with vast and extraordinary knowledge of their weaponry.

so, i have assembled a website that i hope can serve as a repository for any knowledge this community and others wish to share with the world:


it's starting small, but this isn't my first wiki, so i'm aware of the potential here, and i want to invite the waltherforums members to contribute in any measure you see fit :)

i've started it off with a basic article on the p99, http://weaponwiki.com/index.php/Walther_P99 in the hopes of setting a precedent and promoting good articles for other items in the future.

please enjoy, and i have to thank this group for bringing me the idea in the middle of the night last week.
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