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Woman in need of conceal carry option for the PK380

I have had my Conceal Carry for a few years, but I have yet to actually carry. Mostely because the options for women are terrible!

But now I am a new gun owner. For my birthday this year I got a beautiful PK380. The fire has sparked under me to find a practical, functional, conceal carry option.

I have seen some videos done by a woman on YouTube that were very informative, but I was hoping for some other observations since her guns seemed a lot smaller then what I have. I’m not quite as tinny as the woman in the videos either and I’m not so sure that all of her options would work for me.
These are the issues I'm trying to work around:

1. My funds will not allow a suggestion like: “buy a bunch of holsters and see what works.” I hate to buy something I will never use.

2. Do not tell me to “just put it in your pocket”. If you have ever worn a woman’s jeans, you would know how silly that suggestion is.

3. Unfortunately, I do not live in a place where I have access to a gun shop and can just try some out.

4. I live in a very warm climate. It gets under 75 for maybe two weeks out of the year. So sweat is my reality.

5. I'm not exactly a petite woman, but I'm not a heavy girl either. I fit in the “medium to sometimes large” range. (Depends on what I had for lunch. Ladies… you know.:rolleyes:)

6. I'm not a fan of off body carry, for many reasons. One is: I have a very small wallet/purse and do not want to carry something bigger.

7. I where business casual attire for my job and a relaxed look of form fitting T’s and jeans when I’m not at work. I’m not the type to where sweats and a flannel to the grocery store. Summer time calls for dresses. *Is it even possible to CC in a dress?

8. I live in FL. So no open carry.

I know all that narrows down the options for an already small pool of options for ladies… but my fingers are crossed that someone out there can help ;-)

Oh, and Thank you in advance!

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We just purchased a PK, replaced a Manuhrin. My wife and I both use a fanny pack that has a velcro flap that "rips" open when you pull the front of it. We find its easier to use regardless of attire. YMMV


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Welcome to the forum; glad you stopped by. Do enjoy your time here.

A couple of thoughts that might be of interest, starting with this website:

Cornered Cat | If you have to fight, fight like a cornered cat.

It's a great spot, and not just for women. But it does address a variety of considerations that men normally don't have to consider, including how to conceal a firearm. You might want to browse around in this area:

How Do I Hide This Thing? | Cornered Cat

Jim's suggestion of a fanny pack is a good one. I use one when I'm hiking and find it to be practical and easy to use, and it never draws a second look.

Hope that helps a bit and that you find something that works well for you. Good luck.
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