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Will PK380 function if slide stop removed?

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I bought this gun and it worked perfectly. Then I read about using a valve stem tool to use instead of the tool that came with the gun in case it got lost. What I failed to do was leave the stem tool in the gun. I didn't realize the tool that came with the gun stayed in it while I cleaned it. When the stem tool was removed, the trigger assembly fell out and somehow a little spring that held the slide stop in place got lost. I did find it, but couldn't figure out how to put it back on the slide stop. Anyway, I left the slide stop in the gun without the spring and took the gun out to fire it (thankfully nothing bad happened). The gun fired, but then jammed, probably because the slide stop wiggled around and stopped the slide. My question: If I take the slide stop out of the gun, will the gun work okay but won't stop the slide on the last round? Everything else on the assembly works perfectly.Help please??
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Take the gun to a gunsmith and let him put the spring back in.
I wonder if there is a photo of how and where the j spring that is used to keep the slide stop in place anywhere on the internet? Anybody know. I have found out that the gun will work perfectly without the slide stop. I mean, after all, you only have to count so many rounds. But I want to find out where the j spring is attached to secure the slide stop.
Just bought a PK380 to make my Walther collection complete so:
1) Thanks for the tip on the leaving the tool in when broke down. Why a tool is even needed is another story.
2) I have found there is nothing you can't find on the internet apparently. Check YouTube if you haven't yet. Seem to recall a couple videos on completely tearing down the PK.
Another double post. Stupid ISP.
I just bought a metal take down tool for my PK380 on Ebay, I questioned the mfr., and they said nothing will happen if you remove their tool from the gun after it has been turned to open.
I tried it (easy,peasy) and nothing came loose inside the gun from removing the tool.
PS- tool is $7.00 plus $3.00 freight, it fits perfectly.
I tried the valve stem remover and works great. Thanks for the tip.
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