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I recently did a thorough cleaning of my Walther P5, and sprayed the gun and parts with Strike-Hold to protect it from rust.

I placed the gun outside to dry (I didn’t want the fumes to harm anyone in the house) before I planned to return it to its case. However, while it was outside, it started raining. I estimate it was about fifteen minutes to a half-an-hour before I realized the situation and brought the gun and parts inside.

Very fortunately, I had placed the gun and parts on a screened-in porch and nothing got wet. But it was humid on the porch when I brought the gun inside.

Since the gun was in the process of absorbing a rust protectant, nothing got wet, and it was only for a short time that the gun and parts were exposed to the humidity, do I have to worry about rust? Should I recoat the gun in the Strike-Hold?

Someone please tell me fast, the gun has hardly been fired since I bought it and I’d hate to have to start replacing rusted parts already.
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