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Will a PPQ 45 fit another PPQ Holster

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Have been carrying a P-99 QA since 2005.
Recently shot my PPQ 45 and love it, shoots even better.
Am looking for a good leather shoulder rig, I use Galco Miami Classics with wider SS shoulder straps, distribute the load better especially with the Kimber SS Compact 45.and they don't stretch as much.
Want to do the same with the PPQ 45.
The thickness is the same as smaller caliber PPQs, length slightly longer, but so is the barrel.

Any experience out there with a PPQ 45 in a regular PPQ holster?

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The Q45 will not fit in the holsters designed for the Q M2 9mm or Classic Q 9mm.

I have a great number of different types of holsters for my 9 mm Qs and none will fit my Q45 except my Craft Vertical drop shoulder holster.

The Q45 is just a bit too long and wide to fit almost all Q holsters.
Let me check my Kirkpatrick shoulder rig. I have it for the P99 but have a SW99 in 45 which is similar in dimensions to the PPQ in 45.
I can't remember if it's open at the muzzle which is what would help you.

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Thank you all, will check out Craft and Kirkpatrick.
If needed will contact the holster makers.
Update: the 45 SW99 fits in the Kirkpatrick holster, but I can't close the snap on the back. Maybe with stretching the leather it might work but I can't risk ruining my holster.

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Simple answer (I'm not that quick)... Yes, if it's not stitched at the bottom or molded for a 4... Kydex is MEANT to be cut for a 5"... Me? I bought a Garrett Q5 LINED Silent Thunder sport rig. I don't use unlined Kydex. (40 year gunsmith).... Too much respect for the finish. BUT you can put your kydex holsters in the washing machine (cool) to reduce scratching. No dishwasher, the dry heat will resize it for a PPK
A hair dryer works fine for resizing too.
There are a number of great holsters specifically designed for the Q45. You have purchased a fine weapon worthy of a fine holster.

A good holster isn't a "one size fits all". After all a holster like your weapon is part of your life support system and should be given the same considerations.
Tommy Theis makes great Q45 holsters both hybrid and kydex

If you want an all leather holster you might want to look at Wright Leather Works. While you will wait a few months for them to make your holster, it will be more than worth the wait.

Holsters need to carry your weapon safely and securely while offering a fast repeatable draw stroke. As I said the belt and holster are part of your life support system. How much is your life and that of your friends and family worth?

Don't forget to get that good duty belt as well...the 511 tac belt should last 3 to 4 years of daily use.
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The Wright looks great! Pricey, but quality always is.

I do prefer leather, most of my holsters are.

The Wright looks great! Pricey, but quality always is.

I do prefer leather, most of my holsters are.

I carry my Q45 in a Wright Regulator. It is an OWB crossdraw holster that securely holds my weapon. I also have a Cobra but find I usually carry in the Regulator because it is more comfortable when I'm driving.

I also have Regulators for my PPK and my P99c...all have the interior lining (Master Collection) and Brandon at Wright is great to work with.
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For OWB I use the Kt-Mech Akela, great quality kydex with multiple mounting options. I am partial to the tek lok for easy on and off.

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