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Which RMR for a Q5?

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I've decided to give RMRs on pistols a try. Given that I can't see the front sight very well any more, it's about time.

What RMRs are you folks using on your PPQs? What advice would you give me getting my feet wet with this?

Thanks on advance.


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I just purchased a Q5. I already had a Burris FF3 which fits perfectly.
I haven't shot it yet but it sure looks good on the pistol.
I use a Vortex Venom in three guns. They all are about the same.

Expect some set backs in your shooting but then you will shoot better than you ever have.
I haven't gotten one for my Q5 yet but I have a Trijicon on my Glock 34. It's definitely made me a believer in RMR's. I can shoot it faster and with more accuracy that any of my other Glocks. I've been thinking about a Leopold for my Q5 just to have something different.


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I'm using the Docter/Noblex Sight II plus IPSC.
The pic shows my Q5 after the installation.
It can easily attached with included screws to the adapter plate that came with the Q5.
[the IPSC version is optimized (dot size and it's focusing distance*) for 25 m instead of 40 m].
It has no buttons: The brightness of the red dot is self adjusting and when the cap is attached it's powered off. Until now that worked fine for me.
It's water-resistant but not waterproof: all components are designed to can exposed to water, so rain shouldn't be any problem or accidentally dropping into water.
It comes with a two years warranty.

*background: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parallax#Optical_sights
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Expect some set backs in your shooting but then you will shoot better than you ever have.
Or not.

Today I took my Q5 with a Vortex Venom to the range for the very first time. Here's a pic of my first 15 rounds fired at 15 yards. (I think the 3 "flyers" were just me getting used to the incredible trigger reset.)

I'm in my 50s and my eyes aren't what they used to be either. In short, I'm IN LOVE with this entire set up. The Q5 itself is comfortable, accurate, quality built, soft shooting, and totally reliable. The Vortex was easy to acquire (probably the hardest part of an RMR), and eased my mind that I should have gone with the more expensive Trijicon. The red dot brightness is adjustable and the MOA worked well for the pistol distances I was using. I just used the dot as my point of aim, squeezed the trigger, and voila, the point of aim turned into the point of impact. Being old school, I was very prepared NOT to like this red dot on a pistol, but I am pleasantly shocked at how very easy it was to shoot this gun very well using the set up.

I'm already planning on adding an RMR for my Sig Legions. Good luck with your choice, I'm sure you're going to love it!
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Thanks guys. I appreciate the responses. You guys have
me looking forward to this RDS thing. Sounds like there are several good options.
The most important things to consider with a rds is first is it for carry or competing, if it's for carry you should probably get an rmr if you don't mind not being able to cowitness, if cowitness is important to you than one of the shield sights will be able to do that. I personally think having backup iron sights on a pistol is as important as it is on a rifle and would carry a gun without irons if I had a trijicon or leupold but that's me ymmv.

The next thing to consider is dot size. A 6 moa dot is my preference but some people prefer the smaller dot. Know that a smaller dot will seem "to move" more and while better for 25 yard plus, up close not as quick to acquire. For self defense and anything 25 yards and in bigger is generally considered to be better and I can hit a 100 yard plate with a 6 moa viper on my q5 so you don't really give up much at distance either but you should look at dots and shoot the different moas if you can most common will be 2.5-3.25 or 6-7.5. My favorite so far is the delta point pro 7.5 triangle, it has the triangle tip for precision at distance and big reticle for close up.

Next thing to consider is auto adjust vs manual. For self defense I prefer auto, some people say they prefer manual but I don't understand how you would be able to adjust your brightness in a self defense situation but I have never drawn my gun on someone.

Look at Aaron cowans videos on sage dynamics YouTube channel for some great free information he lays everything out way better than I can in a forum. The dot is the right way to shoot a pistol imo, welcome to the club
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The idea of cowittness is way over stated. It’s not needed for self defense at all.

It you lose the red dot in a match you likely will stop shooting anyway.
I'm just going to get my feet wet first, work on acquiring the dot quickly and get a feel for the reliability of the things.

I have lingering doubts about the reliability of RMRs mounted on reciprocating slides. Perhaps the technology has matured to the point that it's reliable enough. If it's not there yet, I have no doubt it will get there soon.

In any case, I think RMRs will put more fun into shooting for me and make it less of any eye test.

Thanks again for everyone's thoughtful responses. I appreciate the education and incite.
I have fired thousands of rounds through mine. I use a 3 MOA but I also shoot out to 200 yards with mine 🙂

IMO, a Q5 is really too big to carry anyway. I used mine for reasons other than self defense.
I have the dual illuminated RMR and I like it a lot...I"ll probably buy the battery RMR for next purchase.

I want to try the Venom, but I hear that some units eat batteries, so I don't know if I want to be replacing batteries that often.
I want to try out the Trijicon Rm04, the dual illuminated red dot, but none of the shops by me have it,so i'm on the fence about getting one. I wanted to try it out for bullseye matches, the 7 moa dot i don't think would be that big for the targets we use for the matches. Once i get my new shooting glasses for my astigmatism problem i will decide .
I ended up buying the battery powered Trijicon RMR. Now I just have to get it mounted and take it to the range. It’s the 3 moa version.

I did play around with a Smith Model 41 .22 today with an Aimpoint H2 2 moa mounted on it. Once I got it sighted in it was pure fun.... Great to take the presbyopia thing out of the equation.
Can you post a pic of your Model 41 with the aimpoint ?
I’ve never posted a picture on this forum before. I’m sure I don’t know how. I guess I need to cross that bridge. Can you point me to instructions for that?
I’ve never posted a picture on this forum before. I’m sure I don’t know how. I guess I need to cross that bridge. Can you point me to instructions for that?

You won't be able to co-witness the Q5. You remove the rear sight in order to mount the red dot.

I like the Vortex Viper and Burriss FF3. The Trijicon is a great sight, but costs much more than the others.

Keep both eyes open and focus on the target, the dot will also be in focus.
Can you post a pic of your Model 41 with the aimpoint ?
First attempt at a picture. I shot the 41 again today. The set works nice. It's got a Clark barrel with an integral rail.


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