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I am only aware of two frame styles...pre/post 04....now some of the post 04 mods have either short or long mag release...later versions all long release.

I have both frame styles with short mag release. I liked them both so I go one of each.

As per shooting and other after market goodies...I like the post 04 model.

Hump or humpless doesn't bother me one way or the other...hump can rub your finger raw depending on your trigger finger placement....

I have only short mag release...I like it for its looks and the fact that all of my p99s are the same...but I have manipulated the long mag release and I must say that I like it very much...much easier to use. Could it snag on something or you accidently depress it because of its proximty to the trigger finger? Someone else will have to answer that one....
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