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Hi everyone,

I'm potentially in the market for a fullize P99 AS... it was on my short list which 9mm to buy last year for my first CCW handgun, but I found a great deal on a Glock 19 and went that way. But a year later, I find myself still looking fondly at the P99. So here's the question - i've noticed there are 3 styles of trigger guard.

Pre-2004: 'ski hump' guard with short mag release
Transitional-2004: 'no hump' guard with long mag release
Post-2005: 'no hump' guard with long mag release

I prefer the appearance of the Pre-2004, but we all know looks isn't everything. Those that have shot both - is one style better than the other, or is it basically a dead heat?

Also, is one style better in terms of manipulating the mag release (long lever vs short lever)? Does the longer lever present any danger of "catching" on something inadvertandly?

For the record, i have a smaller-than-average hand size... dont know how much that matters, but thought I'd add that.

Any and all advice appreciated. Thanks! :)

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