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P22's are in short supply in some parts of the country and are now going for $250 and up where they have to be ordered by a dealer. More typically the price has risen to $269 for the 3.4" barrel. Pricing for the 5" barrel is oft quoted in the high 300's.

In areas where the gun is still in stock and the dealer does not have an active market for them, the 3.4" is still being sold for about $225, give or take.

Problem is buying one via auction site, you don't know if you're getting one of the early production models (which had problems) and, also, by the time you pay fees and shipping any savings have evaporated. Auction sites can do better for one on more expensive handguns.

Unsure where you live in Texas, I would say that in any of the larger cities, this pistol could be located with a few calls. Maybe several calls. If you live out in they great wide open spaces, once you locate one, a trip into town would be justified.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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