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Private outdoor range in 'The Peoples Republik of Maryland'.
200 yd. rifle / pistol range  (20 position)
50 yd. dedicated pistol range (5 position)
Trap Range
Sporting Clays Range
3-D Archery range (Walk-thru)
40 yd. Archery range (Hay Bales/Excelsior Bales)

We also own a building that houses a 25 yd. indoor pistol range, up to including .44 mag.  NO rifles in indoor range.
(10 position)

Club is celebrating it's 35th year in 2005!!!

Competitions include:
NRA High Power
IHMSA Silhouette
NRA Hunter Pistol
Indoor pistol league (.22s)
3-D Archery competition
Trap  (Open to the public on Sundays)
Sporting Clays  (Open to the public on Sundays)
Cowboy Action Shooting

Dues 25 years ago - $48.00 / year.
Now. . . . $100.00 / year.
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