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When you guys train at the range, do you actually train for center mass or try to go for headshots or possibly where the limbs would be?

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Not saying like every single time, but I enjoy trying for something a bit harder and I'm usually successful; granted, unscoped with no dot and only iron on a PPQ M2 at 50 yards and it's not moving lol, so wouldn't really translate well to real life. I was just curious if anyone else did.

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I'm not much for silouhette targets. I prefer to shoot smaller 6, 8 or 12 inch circular bullseye targets.

I usually prefer the 8" reactive targets and most commonly shoot my pistols at 5-15 yards.

My view is that if I can't hit the 8" target then I'm not reliably making hits, especially under pressure.
Looks like a 3-4"~ group (with a few flyers) at 50 yards... with a compact Taurus? :oops:

I'm incredulous...50 feet? Sure. Especially on a good day with a little luck. But 50 yards? I don't even know that many indoor ranges with a 50 yard range and the ones that do usually limit the longer stalls to long guns.

Was this shot from a bench rest or free hand?
Shooting that group freehand is quite impressive. Most folks aren't doing much better than 3" groups at half that range from a sandbag or bench rest using the G3.

I'll take your word... but choose to remain incredulous.
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Would like to know the name and location of the indoor range that has a 50 yard lane.
Will add it to our travel list on the way to major competitions/shows next year.
IIRC Blu-Core shooting center in Denver and Liberty Firearms Institute in Johnstown, CO both have 100 yard ranges.

Blu-core is rifle only on the 100 yard line. Uncertain about LFI in Johnstown.
No. You shoot the gun out of their hand. (At least that's what the media recommends following a shooting.)
My understanding is if there is ever a problem you can simply walk out onto the balcony with your shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. 🤷‍♂️ :unsure:
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If a person in in a gun fight it should be a life-or-death situation, why would a person want to deal with a wounded animal?
Because taking the life of another is a traumatic event for most people

I'd hope to stop the threat without using any force at all. I'd hope that if I must use force that no one is permanently injured or killed.

But we do what we need to do. Stopping the threat isn't always pretty and we all know the quickest way to incapacitate a human is very ugly.
Sometimes it seems like the 'hail of gunfire' from police departments is designed to introduce 'reasonable doubt' as to the actions and culpability of any particular officer in a shooting.

There are certainly different standards at play and an errant round from police is not necessarily going to be judged as harshly (in terms of personal accountability) as one from a civilian.
Less training necessary and they come in colors.
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I believe I read somewhere that they removed grenade qualification from basic training because new recruits... didn't know how to throw.
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