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When you guys train at the range, do you actually train for center mass or try to go for headshots or possibly where the limbs would be?

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Not saying like every single time, but I enjoy trying for something a bit harder and I'm usually successful; granted, unscoped with no dot and only iron on a PPQ M2 at 50 yards and it's not moving lol, so wouldn't really translate well to real life. I was just curious if anyone else did.

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I avoid shooting torso targets when possible. My primary reasoning is that I subscribe to the shooting theory of Aim-Small, Miss-Small, which does not lend itself to shooting massive targets. My thinking is that if I am proficient at hitting tiny things, then the larger things become easier to hit... Even under stress.

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I believe!
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50 yards you say with irons and a PPQ. Why don’t I believe you?
Why would you not believe?

Here is one of my poorly done videos showing my cheap GSG 1911 .22 at 100 yards, and keeping it all in the torso...

Once again... I believe.
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