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When you guys train at the range, do you actually train for center mass or try to go for headshots or possibly where the limbs would be?

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Not saying like every single time, but I enjoy trying for something a bit harder and I'm usually successful; granted, unscoped with no dot and only iron on a PPQ M2 at 50 yards and it's not moving lol, so wouldn't really translate well to real life. I was just curious if anyone else did.

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Great question Ronnie Richard (you suck by the way ;)), I do 3 types:
  • relaxed slow accuracy single shots starting at 7 with my 2 EDC and up to 25 (Q5SF only) to get into it for a while, 2 hands, left hand, right hand.
  • mag 5 shots rapid as fast as possible but accuracy at SD distance 5&7yrds (TPH) and 7&10 (PPK)
  • draw EDC PPK from holster at 7 yards and using 2 spare mag changes fast but controlled every mag a different diamond on the target.
  • plink at will with other stuff just to enjoy
about 30-45 minutes.

I dont think body parts………if the time for self defense comes and hopefully it will never as a citizen I know I can control and get my ammo to go exactly where it needs to go……where that is will be depending on the situation then. I just want to break contact and run.

as you can read I have no clue what I am doing…seriously! But I am learning……love it…any feedback welcome.
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Freehand usually refers to drawing a picture without tracing.
Offhand is the term used with firearms.

Haven't decided on the correct term for shooting offhand while leaning my back against a palm tree.
My blued S&Walther PPKs is a bit more accurate than my stainless, but only when I wear a Tux. :D
often use my ”strong” hand but not always for shooting
1 - 2 of 86 Posts