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When you guys train at the range, do you actually train for center mass or try to go for headshots or possibly where the limbs would be?

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Not saying like every single time, but I enjoy trying for something a bit harder and I'm usually successful; granted, unscoped with no dot and only iron on a PPQ M2 at 50 yards and it's not moving lol, so wouldn't really translate well to real life. I was just curious if anyone else did.

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The more in the head, the better. Make them stop immediately. Hitting the heart or center of mass can still allow the perp to press a trigger and keep killing for many seconds. A center head shot can make them drop right now and stop being a threat.

Two to the body and one to the head, at least! That's how we trained!
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Muscle memory. Two to the heart and one to the head.
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