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What's the opinion on these holsters?

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Looking for a holster for a new S&W 99 compact. I found these two holsters...

Gould & Goodrich holster

Bianci 7L holster

I really would like a lined holster. I have only used Galco holsters in the past. These holsters are a little cheaper. And, Galco holsters tend to be a bit rough on the gun finish - hence the wish for a lined holster.

Anyone else have any suggestions?
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Those are both excellent quality holsters. Believe the Gould & Goodrich website is something like www.gouldusa.com if you want to look through their on line catalog. I have both Bianchi and Gould & Goodrich holsters, both have not bothered the gun's finsih and hold up well as well as look good.
On Glocktalk, someone claimed that they have a Gould & Goodrich holster, and the leather finish is cracking extensively.

I think I will get the Bianchi. I've only had Galco holsters in the past, and I like how they meld the leather on the outside to the exact shape of the gun. But, this time, I wanna get a lined holster to cut down a little on the wear.

Thanks for the 2 cents...
I have G&G Holsters as I can get them at wholesale prices. They are OK. Nothing spectacular. Bianchi holsters are a bit better. Galco is a better holster but costs more.

Gun wear is inevitable. Linings can actually cause more wear as it tends to hold particulate matter that can scratch the gun. Better fitting holsters will cause less wear as they hold the gun in position more. A loose holster will allow the gun to rock back and forth. The back and forth rubbing will wear on the gun more than anything.

Lined or not, finish wear is going to happen. The only way to avoid it is to leave the gun in the box and just look at it.
Thanks for the info. I''ve had Galco holsters tear up a Glock and a stainless 1911 awefully quick. So, I think I'll give the Bianchi a shot...
These holsters are made for the p99 or sw99, correct? NOT the compact model.
Well, it should still fit.

Actually, I like having the bigger holster. I have a Galco holster for a Glock 19. The very end of the muzzle was not quite protected, though. If you sat on a bench or hard wood chair, sometimes the muzzle would hit the seating surface.

With my Glock 26, I have been using that same holster. It completely covers the weapon, and there really isn't that much extra "material" at the bottom of the holster (especially since it didn't quite completely cover the larger weapon).

Since the slightly longer holsteer has worked so well all this time, I plan to get a full sized 99 holster for my compact 99. I'd rather have that extra 1/2 inch of leather. Either gun should fit fine in the larger holster.
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