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what Self Defense Ammo do you use in your P99?

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I use GoldDot 124 grain +P.....
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Speer GD 124 +P or Remington GS 124 +P

I love Speer's GD 124 +Ps but have only been able to manage finding the reclassified stuff. Do any of you know of an online supplier of the +P Gold Dots in the black and gold 20 round boxes (not reclassified) like shown in the photo above???

I have purchased hundreds of rounds of GD +P ammo packaged in the recent gold 50-round boxes. This ammo was marked "reclassified" because it was originally sold or intended to be sold to an LE agency that had either rejected the ammo because it didn't meet some performance criteria by the dept. or Speer held it back from LE use because it didn't meet their quality control standards. The ammo flooded the internet and was available at very reasonable prices. Speer says that the ammo is safe but doesn't recommend it for LE use. I've shot hundreds of rounds from these lots and they've all performed excellent (very good consistency, power, low flash, accuracy, and reliability). No problems whatsoever. However I prefer not to carry it if I can obtain off-the-shelf non-"reclassified" ammo. I can't find any sources of it though. Many dealers carry Speer but they don't have the +P variety. I'm assuming that it's because the catalog number hasn't made itself to a lot of the dealer catalogs yet.

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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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