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In no particular order:

Smith & Wesson
High Standard

Hmmmm. I'm not seeing any Marlins on here, or Winchesters. No Dan Wesson and no Henry, no Auto Ordinance and no Kahr, no Kimber and no Springfield. Oboviously some oversight on my part - or do I feel relieved?

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Walther & HK
on the wishlist is a Ruger SP101 from Gemini
then a P30 and the PPS and a few more P99's :D

oh and for sure some rifles :eek:

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Gun list:
P99 QA
Kimber 1911
Jennings j22 - lucked out...it's actually decent
Winchester Model 94
Winchester Model 94 Wrangler
Winchester Model 71 (Hardest to find cartridge I've ever sought after, by far most acurate rifle I've EVER owned)
Winchester 1300 Black Shadow
Remington 1100 (I'd love to just sell this damn thing as it's the worst shotgun I've ever owned...vintage 1960's I think)

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I love this kind of thread. It's all I can do to restrain myself from posting another picture.:p

The list, in order of acquisition:

Smith&Wesson Model 27 .357 Magnum revolver
Smith&Wesson Model 10 .38 Special snubby
Luger DWM 1920 9mm police rework
Artillery Luger DWM 1917 w/repro stock and rig
Mauser C96 Wartime Commercial ~1916 7.63mm w/matching stock
Walther P38 1962 (P1)
Springfield Armory M1911-A1 2002 .45 ACP
Walther P22 CA (AF) 2005 5" target (given to wife)
Walther PP 1964 7.65mm (wife likes this too)
Walther P99 AS (AD) 2003 9mm (400+ rounds so far w/o any failures)
Don't even get me started on my wish-list.

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Colt: Police Positive Target, Cobra, King Cobra, Official Police, Official Police MKIII, Trooper MKIII, Officer Model, Junior, Agent
Uberti: SAA x2
Winchester: Model 70 lightweight carbine, Model 94 Trapper
Remington: 870 Police
Savage: Fox
Burgarian:AK74, Makarov
Walther P5
Glock Model 22
Model 1917 US Army
Maverick Bullpup 12g
Smith and Wesson Victory Model
Browning: Buckmark Target 5.5
Stoeger: 12g over under whose model name I can't think of right now

Now I'm not going to include Blackpowder...


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1. Colt Woodsman 2nd series .22lr 1953
2. Colt Officers Match .38 spl 1950's
3. Colt 70 Series Gold Cup .45 acp
4. S&W Model 36 .38 spl 1971
5. Ruger Single Six .22lr 1953 Flat Top/Flat Gate
6. Walther PP Super .380 NIB
7. Walther TPH .22lr NIB
8. Walther TPH .22lr NIB
9. Walther P1 9mm
10. Walther P88C 9mm NIB :)
11. Walther P5 9mm
12. Walther PPK/S Stainless .380
13. Walther P38K Threaded NIB
14. Walther P38K NIB
15. Walther P38 cyq
16. Walther P38
17. Dan Wesson 6" SS .357
18. Sig 225 9mm
19. Colt 2.22 short Lightning
20. Remington 12g Sportsman

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When they carry me off the the old folks home if I'm still rational enough to chose (and they are stupid enough to let me do so) I'd probably take a Colt Cobra (last snubby on right) with me.

I just love those old Cobra's and that one is is super condition. Those old D frames just fit my hand perfectly. I wish Colt was smart enough to start making these again, but it won't ever happen.

Best Wishes,

J. Pomeroy

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My toys

Walther P88, P5, PPS/S French St. etienne, P99 .40SW
Kimber Custom Combat .45ACP
Glock 22
Smith and Wesson 66-4 2 1/2"
Smith and Wesson model 32 terrier 38spl
Springfield M1A NM
Springfield M1 Garand s/n 8XXXXX with a neat Midnight laminate stock
AR-10A4 with Springfield Scope that is more accurate than me
Colt Accurized Rifle with Super Sniper
Marlin .22 semi auto
Mosberg Chuckster .22 mag
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