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1. Indoor ranges are loud...no matter what.
2. Frangible ammo is fun...until you have to clean it up.
3. Free Frangible ammo makes it even better.
4. Full automatic weapons are a blast.

So a cop buddy offered to take me to the police range today and do some training with me. It was mostly just handgun training but he also brought his department issue AR (full auto colt), it was a blast (90rds @25'). He told me that I did better my first time shooting an AR then quite a few of the guys that work on the police force. I also ran 250rds of Winchester Ranger through my p99. No FTE/FTF. My groups still suck but I was able to keep the vast majority in the center today. I seem to be pulling my first round low damn near every time. Also he was able to write it off as a training session so all the ammo was free. Best part of the day though was nobody else was at the range.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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