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What holster do you use for your 99?

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Reading "emerz" post got me thinking; I was wondering which holsters y'all were using to pack your 99's. I had a Fobus Belt job, just boring. Got their Roto....sold it before I even used it.
Walking round a gun show I found a Don Hume "JIT slide" beltslide for the 99. $20.00, how can you go wrong!
I'm lefty, so that sometimes poses a problem with holsters. This one just "fits"...

So lets see and hear what y'all are packing with!


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I use Blade-Tech owb & mag pouch. The Fobus stuff looks like it was made by Barney Rubble & Fred Flintstone! Remember what the "churchlady" said...."Put your P-99 in something special!"
My IDPA number is 580 so I've seen some real changes in "holster attitude" since we got started. Some of the new "designs" really do push the limit of good taste & spirit of the rules for IDPA. But come on, a signed limited edition Fred Flintsone RotoHolster! I say let him in!!!
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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